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Foodles - Our Revolutionary Web And App Solution For Restaurants, Cloud Kitchens, Bakeries And More.

This innovative solution empowers restaurant owners effortlessly to set-up online menu, take commission free orders, manage food delivery.

Responsive Online Ordering Experience Across All Devices.

how to create app for restaurant
mobile app restaurant

Commission Free
Online Orders.

app development for restaurant
restaurant designer app

Create Restaurant Menus And Showcase Your Dishes.

restaurant order taking app
mobile app for restaurant

Track And Manage
Incoming Orders,
Even On The Go.

how to create a restaurant app
online check out option


Frequently Asked Questions.

Responsive Design.

Dynamic interface, ensuring optimal performance across all devices.

Manage Orders.

App users have the flexibility in choosing their specific preferences.

Promo Codes.

Promotional discounts to reward your customers and accelerate growth.

Order Status.

Our system for tracking enables customers to monitor their orders.

Payment Gateway.

With atmost safety and reliability. We employ a 100% secure payments for your business.

Branded Apps.

Publish apps to Google Play Store & iOS App Store


Our apps are fully secured, you won't experience any problem in the future.

App Updates.

Every change you make on the website automatically reflects on the app.

Mobile Push Notifications.

Send unlimited push notifications with

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