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Why our websites are designed with utmost
care and consideration for optimal navigation.
By prioritizing customer-centricity, we ensure
that every piece of content resonates with
target audiences, making it an enjoyable read
while also conveying crucial information
about the products or services being show
cased on each page. Whether you are a small
startup or an established enterprise, Webstok
Solutions is committed to helping your
business thrive online through powerful story
telling and effective communication
strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Content Writing

Our team of experienced writers meticulously
crafts engaging content that captivates
readers' attention while ensuring it is easily
understandable and digestible in the digital
landscape. We understand the importance of
creating a seamless user experience, which is 

$ 500

Starts From

social media management, email marketing
campaigns, PPC advertising, and more – all
aimed at driving targeted traffic and increas
ing conversions for businesses of all sizes. By
partnering with Webstok Solutions, business
es can consolidate their online presence while
unlocking immense growth potential in
today's competitive market.

Brand Development

Our team of experienced professionals stays
up-up-to-date with the latest industry trends
and algorithms, continuously fine-tuning
strategies to maintain optimum performance
forclients' websites. Additionally, our compre-
hensive  digital marketing services encompass

$ 10,000

Starts From

Sell physical goods

Get paid on your App


The plans allow the creation of one mobile app per site. -The plans don't include registration fees for Apple’s App Store (from $99 a year) and Google Play ($25 one-time fee), or any additional fee that Google or Apple may charge. These fees are subject to change.

- To accept payments from your Branded App, a website Business Premium plan & Wix Branded App Plan is required(wix).

Sell Services

Sell Subscriptions and Online Programs

Sell Event Tickets

Accept Reservations and Order

Integrated Tools:

Wix Site and Dashboard Integration

In-App Chat

Analytics Reports

App Management:

Automatic Submission to Google Play

App Submissions:

Automatic Submission to the App Store

Automatic App Updates

App Submissions

24/7 Customer Care

Storage 35 - 50GB

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Push Notifications

Available for Smartphones and Tablets

Native App for iOS and Android

Mobile Essentials:

Unlimited App Downloads


$ 2,000

Starts From

Android / iOS Apps

Solutions develops tailored solutions that
automate critical processes and streamline
workflows across different platforms. This
not only eliminates manual efforts but also
enhances efficiency and accuracy within
businesses. With Webstok Solutions'
expertise in API integration, customers can
confidently navigate the complex world of
application connectivity while maximizing
productivity levels for optimal growth.

API Integrations

Webstok Solutions ensures that its customers
can effortlessly connect and integrate various
external software systems, enabling a high-
productivity environment for their business
needs. By analyzing each customer's
requirements meticulously, Webstok 

$ 1,000

Starts From

potential customers at the right time and
place. By harnessing these digital marketing
techniques, Webstok Solutions empowers
businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving 

marketplace, driving success through
increased visibility and customer engagement.

Digital Marketing

Webstok Solutions goes above and beyond
by leveraging advanced advertisement
strategies such as Google Ads to ensure
maximum exposure for businesses seeking
growth. These powerful tools enable precise
targeting, allowing businesses to reach

$ 5,000

Starts From

Premium Design & Detailing of Sections.

Basic Seo, Action Buttons
[Whatsaap, Chat, Call, Mail, Social Icons]


- All the features will be in the scope of wix platform, Any further Customizations or Design changes will be charged extra.

- The Plans does not include any Wix's Premium Plan for Domain, Hosting,& SSL.

Delivery Timeline: 7 - 10 Working Days.

Web & Mobile Optimization, Responsive Design

Licensed Stock Images/Vector Illustrations.

Wix Ecommerce Features, Admin Dashboard,
Policy Templates, Payment Gateway

5+ Pages Ecommerce Business Website.
Ex: [Home| About | Shop | Clients |ContactUs]

$ 1,000

Starts From

Ecommerce Stores

authorized personnel can interact with